10 killer online dating tips for men

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Include also, things like whether you want (or have) children.

Make it meaningful to you and try to make it unique.

Here are ten things to never write in an online profile: 1. Insulting the method — or the people using the method — of finding love that you’re currently giving a try is a huge turn-off. Don’t lie about your height, age or weight: you’ll be found out soon enough. (Hint: No one’s profile says “seeking bitter pessimist.”) 6. If your profile is ten times longer than everyone else’s, it won’t be given much attention. They shouldn’t be able to identify your specific place of work, home address, last name or personal contact information from your profile. Don’t demand that your future partner love, worship, and adore you.

You’ll come across as condescending and judgmental. Don’t pretend to have a better job than you do, or that you’re more prepared for long-term commitment than you currently are. Be concise, clear, and watch out for typos and grammatical errors. Related to #6: Don’t be too vague or use too many clichéd phrases. Be careful to screen your photos, too: Don’t upload a pic of yourself in front of your new home, for example. Don’t list the qualities you believe you “deserve.” Instead, focus on what you have to offer. If you can’t put the time into filling out a simple dating profile, why would an interested guy/gal assume you’d put the time investing into getting to know them? My friends could better answer this for you.” Good luck!

These could be shared passions or hobbies as well as other interests. The title is based on a must have that was posted on a popular dating site.

Your “good-to-haves” means just that; things your potential mate might have that you like, but could do without.

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The old adage “misery loves company” really doesn’t apply to dating, and your online profile should be upbeat and demonstrate a positive outlook on life.

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  1. "Know that once you're in, you've reached a level of acceptance not very many people, especially men, achieve," she says.