18 year old dating 15 year old

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18 year old dating 15 year old

adults dont understand that we do listen to everything they say even though we act like we dont. That is all she will ever hear from this point onward.

Oh, and as long as we are getting Biblical, let's go Old Testament. Well its all part of growing up everyone goes through it,including your parents at one time.

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well now that my dad found out ( I have no idea how)...Hunt’s uncle, Andrew Gay, told the Daily News that the girls were in the same social circle at Sebastian River High School and played together on the basketball team.In September, after Hunt turned 18, she and the other girl, a freshman, began dating and expressed their relationship in “intimate ways,” the family said.It's definately written in "legal speak" but you can read the age of consent (statutory rape) laws for Florida over at No teenagers have very strong emotions for each other, I don't disagree with that. You want know what love is,it is a great deal of sacrifice,and until you can understand sacrifice you cant understand love. Sure, it is against the law and potentially dangerous - even fatal - to an innocent... You get no where with telling them that their feelings that violate the law have any hope of succeeding.page=Florida Regards, Joluko WE DO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS! you may think we dont but truely we know more then you think. We hear what you say about love and how you know if your in love or not. You adults tell us the signs and we look for them, when we find them we hold on to them. Teenagers do not fully grasp sacrifice,and therefore can not fully grasp love. but it feels soooo good we should coddle the children. All our young friend heard was that there is an adult out there that validated her illegal relationship.

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