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Quantity: 1 collection (36 linear feet (73 boxes)Abstract: Letters to American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

When the letters to Longfellow were received, they were in three main groups: 1.

These were kept in separate boxes and cases as follows: Carlyle, Dickens, Emerson, G. Greene (2 boxes), Hawthorne, Holmes, Howells, Lowell, C. Norton, Poe, Charles Sumner (3 boxes), Tennyson, and Samuel Grey Ward (2 boxes).

There were also boxes for Ticknor & Fields, letters from German correspondents with a folder of Spanish correspondents, letters from his children, letters from relatives, and lastly a small collection kept by Longfellow as "Curious Letters." The top of the cigar-box once containing these last and so inscribed by his hand is preserved in b MS Am 1340.2 (6231).

There is no record of the stage at which this loss occurred.

Nevertheless a few letters from the year 1871 have survived, scattered through the collection. Letters removed from the other two series because the writers were deemed especially important, or for other reasons.

These, at least in part, perpetuated another of Longfellow's arrangements, for among the papers were found several labels in his and other hands cut from the wrappings of bundles made up by years.

Groups 1 and 2, which evidently had once represented to some extent Longfellow's intentions with respect to arrangement, no longer did so and could not be reconstituted.

This voluminous file of incoming letters from more than 6000 correspondents includes letters from literary figures and scholars in Great Britain and Europe, as well as the U.

S., including Thomas Carlyle, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, James Thomas Fields, George Washington Greene, Charles Appleton Longfellow, Charles Eliot Norton, Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Sumner, Alfred Tennyson, and Samuel Ward.

In the index each person receives a single entry, under which is recorded the number of letters and their inclusive dates.

The notation "n.d." following this indicates the presence of one or more undated letters. 6229 in this series, comprising the whole 66th box, contains 251 letters written over pseudonyms or by writers who have not been identified.

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There are also a few literary manuscripts by authors other than Longfellow, and some letters from various persons to other addressees; these are grouped and listed as b MS Am 1340.3.