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When Massie entered the house, she found the Haysoms sprawled on the ground, caked in gore.Derek Haysom was on his side near a doorway, an arm stretched out before him.

At some point between March 29th and 31st, the killer or killers had arrived at Loose Chippings, probably during a meal.

Gardner, then twenty-nine, had never worked a homicide before. On the dining-room table were place settings and the remnants of a meal.

No weapon could be found, but there were footprints in the blood.

One looked to have been made by a tennis shoe, and two more by a sock.

Forensic study showed that the Haysoms had blood-alcohol levels of .22—exceedingly high.

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door was locked but the light outside was burning bright, and when the three women arrived for bridge with Mr.