Dating central wisconsin

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Dating central wisconsin

Before the 1960’s, the Hmong lived in small villages located in the mountainous areas in the central and northern part of Laos.For many decades, they were able to live peacefully by raising live stocks and doing agricultural farming to support their families.The Hmong have a long history dated back about 5,000 years; however, there are conflicting stories about early Hmong history as to where they lived.According to scholars, the Hmong have lived in China for at least 2,000 years.

Many who survived suffered physically, mentally, and emotionally until this day. About 230,000 Hmong are now living in the United States, with the majority living in the states of California (80,000), Minnesota (70,000) and Wisconsin (50,000).Many wars and uprisings were noted in early centuries with the majority Chinese.In response, the Hmong began constant movement within China to maintain freedom and preserve their culture.The remaining numbers are scattered in other states (MI, CO, NC, SC, FL, KS, MO, OH, RI, WA).As political refugees, the Hmong sought a new life in the United States.

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In the 18th century, large numbers of Hmong migrated to Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Thailand in response to the oppressive Qing Dynasty ruling in China.