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English teen hookups

All fighting for a show that doesn’t really need the help. They’re hard at work tweeting at celebrities and launching petitions for the network on which it aired, NRK, to add English subtitles for international fans.Isak, who is wrestling with his own sexuality, outs himself to his gay roommate, Eskild.When he tells him he has “a thing” with Even, he attempts to downplay his sexuality, saying he’s not a “gay-gay”.The creators simply relied on social media to rocket launch this TV series to the masses. Some kids are reportedly skipping school to watch the show.NRK has been bombarded by tweets from teens saying they can’t sleep because they’re aggressively refreshing the page, awaiting new clips or text messages.

“No,” Hanne Selboe Karagülle assured me, “I am not involved in the series in any way, just a fan (like everyone else in Scandinavia it seems)!He holds a stereotypical view of homosexuality, lamenting that being “gay” conjures up images of glitter and wrist-flicks.Unlike flamboyant Eskild, Isak doesn’t “talk loudly about sucking cock, and Kim Kardashian, and lavender scent.” In one of the most poignant scenes, Eskild cuts him down, saying, “I need to tell you one thing about those people who you don’t want to be associated with, Isak.As I hooked up to the drip feed that was came out of nowhere.Shielded from the press, the actors in the show did nothing to drum up publicity. (The actress who plays Noora works as a telemarketer.) There were no advertisements for the show.

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Each season is told from the POV of one main character.