Erik michael estrada dating

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Erik michael estrada dating

In spring of that year, Parker toured throughout North America with Ashlee Simpson.

Parker was featured as a character in the Clone High episode "Gate Expectations".

This tactic resulted in his ascent to the position as top employee in the entire store chain based on customer feedback.

Always drawn to performing, at 16 he signed with a small talent agency in his hometown and began searching for opportunities to work in entertainment.

The series was backlit by the relationship between him and his then-pregnant fiancée (the engagement has since been broken off) and the obstacles of early fatherhood, and also captured the drama and birth of his son Lyric.

In April 2006, Parker was selected to be a contestant on NBC’s Celebrity Cooking Showdown, produced by entertainment mogul/rapper Diddy; Angel placed second, even though he is seen severely lacerating his finger during one of the timed cooking challenges.

In early 2008, Parker sustained a back injury onstage, forcing him to leave the show for a few months, but he returned to finish the last few weeks of his latest contract, giving the actor a successful run in the show for more than a year.

When Ashley was three years old, his parents divorced.In November 2003 J Records dropped the band from the label.In January 2011, O-Town confirmed their reunion plans, four days after confirming the band had gotten back together Ashley released a statement via that he wouldn't be reuniting with the band causing an uproar with the fans and media due to Ashley being a key member during O-Town.The New York Post assessed Angel’s performance as “an absolute charmer.” Angel’s presence on Broadway also led the New York Times to do a feature on the singer/songwriter turned actor.The Hairspray producers asked Angel to extend his contract four times.

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In the episode, he hosts a teen dance show which is set on the sunny beaches of Canada, where it's always "a balmy 32 degrees".

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