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Michael Spinella Copyright © American Library Association.

All rights reserved As I said about his prior book, the exercises were very well worth doing no matter what angle you are coming from.

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The author describes the gods and their beliefs, and offers a few themed exercises for each.

Erotic exercise #4, for example, has readers: "List your current crushes.

Your inner muse is there over your shoulder asking you to at least give this book a look!

The author, instead, takes lessons from members of the Greek pantheon, together with philosopher Socrates, to illustrate archetypes that exist both within and without the person and the dating experience.

Through a number of exercises, Gooch asks the reader to look both inward and outward to analyze how these archetypes affect the reader's life (positively and negatively) and encourages the reader to find a spirituality and a "voice within." Intended to guide gay men (and presumably everyone else) down the road to a happier, fulfilling life, with or without a boyfriend.

It's about shaking yourself up a bit and finding what really makes you tick, and about tending to the untended parts of your personality and soul.

The author doesn't presume to have discovered the ultimate truth or the cure-all panacea.

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I found it a rather ingenious, enjoyable and creative book that has opened up my self-awareness immensely, putting me in touch with concepts I had never thought about, and aspects of my personality I never imagined existed.

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