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Literotica web chat

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It was 6.15am when I got a text from my wife, asking me to go over and kiss her before I went to work.

At one point, she had thought about going away to college, but she decided to choose something local.

It was about dinner time, so David gave both his mom and me a big hug and kiss. The kiss that he gave me was really much more passionate than any he had ever given me before, and I certainly read more into it and hoped his mom and my dad did not...

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Lady Emmaline Christie is traveling to her first proper society ball in a hackney carriage, accompanied by her chaperone, her Great Aunt Agatha, a sister of her grandmother's.

I was walking home from the pub feeling a little tipsy.

It was a warm Saturday night and it had been an uneventful evening so far. I could feel my freshly shaven pussy inside my lace knickers, all smooth and tingly.

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