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She had already lived in New York, worked and lived with Robert Mapplethorpe and Sam Shepard, and recorded seminal punk rock albums in 1974 and '75,) when she met Fred Sonic Smith.

In 1979, they moved to Detroit, his "beloved Detroit," where they began raising their two children, Jackson and Jesse.

Rather, it slinks and shimmies, stops and starts, provokes and seduces.

Just so, Smith comes in and out of frame, each actual place a repository and occasion.

When she enters her "corner," a room in the Chelsea Hotel to which the film returns more than once, the image focuses on black boots first, then tips up to show the camera hanging from her neck.

Pans of the room show accumulating memories: photos (Ralph Nader, for whom she campaigned in 2000), wooden clogs, books (Walt Whitman, Mickey Spillane, William Blake, Rimbaud), and her instruments.

For this new vocal release, Verlaine recorded with a variety of friends including Television bassist Fred Smith.He is putting together a band that he will debut in his beloved hometown New York City in May.He will be embarking on a world tour this summer, his first in over a decade."New York," a decades-younger Smith recites, "is the thing that formed me, New York is the thing that deformed me, New York is the thing that perverted me, New York is the thing that converted me...It's my little prayer for New York." The city is here less a place than a point of perpetual departure.

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