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Sex chat is safe sex

Read more on Brook's page about the contraceptive implant.

It's easy to get free contraception, either from your doctor or from sexual health services.Finding a type that fits well can make you feel more comfortable and enjoy sex better. An implant is a small rod about the size of a matchstick.It is placed under the skin in your upper arm and releases hormones that work to prevent pregnancy. Once the implant is in your arm, it works for up to 3 years.A condom stops sperm from entering the vagina, mouth or anus (bottom).It stretches to fit over a penis and has to be put on when the penis is erect (stiff) to make sure it doesn't slip off or split during sex. These work by fitting loosely inside the vagina and stopping sperm entering the womb. 3 things to know about condoms How sex feels with a condom Sex can feel different wearing a condom.

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The injection is given by a doctor or nurse and is injected into a muscle – usually in your bottom.