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The platform was created specifically for complaints and to vent frustration.This promotes a breeding ground of negativity, gossip, and anonymous bullying.Intended for 17 - the app was originally created for college-age adults to find local parties, alcohol deals, and discuss professors.Although shared photos are not allowed to contain faces, explicit content of a sexual, drug and alcohol nature are prevelant.Snapchat is a popular photo and video sharing app among teens.

Parental concerns regarding privacy and safety if their child uses app due to monetary propositions for sexual acts and lewd photos and conversation. An anonymous posting service that requires only an email address to register.

Beetalk is a highly used social messaging app by teenagers, that allow texts and voice messages, and make unlimited free online calls via the app.

Parentals concerns regarding sexting, messges dissapearing after being read, lack of filtering of adult content.

Reddit is a social app that has many great categories to explore.

Unfortunately, some categories may not be appropriate for younger children and teens.

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