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he said yes , yesterday one street below the one where the lady had seen her. Not long after that I got a call from another lady on the street where the man had seen her, telling me that she had my dog.

She had seen my post on craig's list and called me. I am so grateful to all of those who care ,and pray, and to those who provide a community service like this.

Thank you so much for helping us keep that glimmer of hope the Bulletin..she said that she did and that he just ran underneath the white fence. Also it was good to have bulletin so it made describing Walker so much easier. God blessneighbors in this rural area filled with Coyotes, Bears and other creatures that would think of Jellybean as a tasty snack.

Right after we dropped a flyer off at our neighbor (2 doors down) he saw her in a tree, came and honked and asked if we were still missing a cat.

He was a bit dehydrated, dirty and tired but he is now home and safe!

I hope we don't ever have to use this again but if something should happen this will be the first place I go! Now, got my work cut out for us today, removing all the flyers and posters. We are new to the area and don't know our neighbors and we were heartbroken and truly desperate to be able to do SOMETHING to find her.Over 100 posters were posted and and 4 days of 12 hour searching was done.It was social media that brought her home.amazing to hear all my neighbors tell me they had gotten "the call" and were on the lookout for him.No sign of how or why she got out but she was gone.She had never left our fenced yard in the seven years we've had her until now.

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They had spent hours searching our property and the next morning we began our search along with the help of friends an neighbors.

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