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If you're still having problems after trying all of the above, there are really only two options; @Andalur that isn't what your question says...

Please edit your question to specify exactly what the problem is with all of the information about the issues experienced, your intentions, what you actually need help with, etc, so that we can answer it If you are a member of the Steam beta program, it might be worthwhile opting out of the beta program and reverting to a previous version of Steam (it should do this automatically) to see if this resolves your problem.

What you'd do here is wait however long it normally takes to verify files and get into the main Steam interface, and then close Steam with the menu option (or system tray icon) before restarting it.

Multiple PC Gamer writers have confirmed seeing other people's Store details, and the internet is awash with similar reports.

Freaked out that I saw the last two digits of someone's credit card number, their email address, and their purchase history, I closed Steam hoping that avoiding it will somehow keep my account safe.

I don't have the technical expertise to offer an alternative explanation, so for now, I'd recommend avoiding the Store entirely until Valve makes a statement.

The official Steam support Twitter account has said nothing yet, but we'll update with more as it happens. Update #1: Still no official response from Valve, but we do have this from Steam Community Moderator Killah Instinct: Well, that's a relief. Update #2: Dessert has been digested, naps have been had, and Steam, in the form of both servers and Store, are once again operational.

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Done E: Unable to locate package steam-launcher Press return to continue: My OS is up-to-date.

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