Updating vault aperture 3

Posted by / 25-Jul-2017 22:31

The third option, Rebuild Database, should only be used as a last resort.

You should have a current backup of your Aperture 3 library and database before you use the Rebuild Database option.

4) Restored from an Aperture 2 vault Since my main library had been banjaxed by my first attempt, I went with restoring from a vault.

I had no idea if my library was intact, and no way of actually using the product for real work.

Thanks to the useful advice from fellow sufferers on the Apple Aperture Support forums, I binned my first attempt, and cobbled together a solution.

To access the tool, do the following: Repair Permissions: Examines your library for permissions problems and repairs them. Repair Database: Checks for inconsistencies in your library and repairs them.

Rebuild Database: Examines and rebuilds your database.

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First I was told I hadn’t enough room on my HD to complete the update – it had filled the spare 35GB on my Mac Book Pro internal drive with a giant swap file.